Dr Stuart C Wimbush

Dr Stuart C Wimbush

Research Scientist

Significant new review covering emerging applications of HTS to
fusion, aircraft and space published in Nature Reviews Materials.

Designed and constructed the industry's leading instrument for full-current characterisation of commercial high temperature superconducting wires under all operating conditions.

Review of Scientific Instruments 85 (2014) 113907.
Co-developed a new understanding of the temperature, magnetic field and field angle dependence of the critical current density in technological superconductors, dispelling two decades of superstition and bad physics.

New Journal of Physics 14 (2012) 083017.
Pioneered the biomimetic synthesis of high-temperature superconducting ceramics as a cost-effective alternative to thin film coated conductors.

CrystEngComm 14 (2012) 5765.
Experimentally attained, for the first time ever, the depairing critical current in a thin film superconductor nanoengineered by a novel alumina templating process.

Superconductor Science and Technology 24 (2011) 055017.
Expanded the fundamental understanding of the origin of high critical currents in high temperature superconductor thin films and developed new classes of flux pinning additives for tailored critical current enhancement as well as new nanotechnological processes for their effective incorporation.

Advanced Functional Materials, 19 (2009) 835.
Introduced the first effective magnetic pinning centre into the high-temperature superconductor YBCO thereby initiating a new paradigm in flux pinning to reinvigorate a stagnating field, and co-developed a new theory of magnetic pinning in superconductors inspired by the results.

Superconductor Science and Technology 23 (2010) 045019.
Produced the world’s only epitaxial thin films of the borocarbide series of magnetic superconductors, enabling important experiments probing electronic anisotropy and the nature of the superconducting state.

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 13 (2001) L355.
Established a pulsed laser deposition system for the synthesis of complex multinary phases from elemental targets, enabling production of hard magnetic thin films of importance to future data storage applications.

Applied Physics A 79 (2004) 1529.
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